San Marcos, TX

San Marcos, TX

Tree Removal, Tree Trimming 
& Land Clearing in San Marcos, TX 

San Marcos is a city in Texas located on the banks of the San Marcos River. The city lies approximately 50 miles north of San Antonio and 30 miles south of Austin. According to the United States Census Bureau, San Marcos, TX is the fastest growing city in the U.S. San Marcos, TX was also named #9 on the Business Insider list of "10 Most Exciting Small Cities in America". 

San Marcos, TX's Premier Tree Removal Contractor

San Marcos, TX is home to a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. With an Annual average precipitation of about 35 inches, the weather is very conducive to tree and shrub growth. Luckily, the experts at P & R Tree Service, LLC are here to help you with all of your tree removal, tree trimming, pruning and manicuring needs. If you have trees that are causing safety hazards or need to be removed immediately call P & R Tree Service, LLC. We are proud to serve the San Marcos, TX region and look forward to helping you with all your land clearing needs. 
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Land Clearing & Tree Trimming Service San Marcos, TX

Tree Trimming Services

Trimming is incredibly important for not only aesthetics, but also the health of the tree itself. At P & R Tree Service, LLC, we pride ourselves in our knowledge of tree care and our ability to not only remove trees, but maintain them as well. Keeping up on tree trimming can dramatically increase the overall health of the tree as well as mitigate the risk of falling branches, uncontrolled growth, and more! If you are in the San Marcos area and need your trees trimmed, give us a call!

Professional Land Clearing

Do you have a plot of land with a large amount of stumps, branches, shrubs, or other inconvenient debris? The professional team at P & R Tree Service, LLC can help. We offer comprehensive land clearing services to the San Marcos, TX area, alongside our tree trimming and removal services. We will remove everything unwanted, and give you a plot of land perfect for construction or whatever else your project may be. Give us a call to discuss your project further!
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